My Adcom 545II Mods
This amp is a 10+ year old, class AB design.  It is rated for 100W a channel into 8 ohms and 150W into 4 ohms.   While not as popular as its 555 brethren of the time, it was a respectable value amp, with nice clean symmetrical layout.  I have two of these units, which will allow me to listen to one, while modifying the other. :)   Please note that these mods are probably not cost effective, but I am also using this as a stepping stone to building my own amp.
Plans for amp 1 mods:

Plans for Amp 2:
Stock Adcom 545II Internals
Reverse shot of internals
Stock 500VA 80VCT Toriod
Transformer Removed
Amp Modules and PS cap bank
Empty chassis except for two diode bridges and misc
Mock-up to see how much fun fitting to the available space will be :)