DIY Speakers
8" 2-way: Early 1990's

Peerless TD205R 8" Mid-Woofer and Dynaudio MDT28AF Tweeter,
custom LR cross-over.   Dynaudio's replaced with Parts Express 1 1/8" Silk dome
Tube 2-ways:
Peerless HDS 439 Mid-Woofer and Seas Excel T25001, with LEAP designed LR, w/Baffle-step comp, cross-over
TMM & Center TM:
Uses same drivers as above.  TMM uses a 2.5 cross-over based on TM LEAP design
Sony Retrofits:
Rebuilt and stiffened cabinets
Uses Parts Express Dayton drivers - 6 1/2" Mid-Bass and      1 1/2" Silk Dome
Cross-over is copy of Parts Express kit using same drivers

Note: Infinity IL10s in background