ParaPix Sub Amp
The Paramount Pictures (ParaPix) Sub Amp, was a very popular surplus amp, sold by  The units consist of a pair of LM3886 output modules, that can be configured for 2 x 50W into 8 ohms, or bridged for about 130W into 8 ohms.  I have owned three of these units.  They are great experimenter amps.  Unfortunatly, they are long sold out.  :( 

Here you see a pair of them, fitted to a pine box, with hardwood ends.  Each amp has been configured to bridge mode, with a 48VCT 6 amp transformer.  Other mods include a switchable bass-boost, and a fixed 24db low-pass filter at 100Hz. 

This amp is desined to power 8 ohm DVC sub drivers like the Shiva and Dayton DVCs.  The theoretical output of bridged LM3886s is 200W.  It is limited to about 130W by thermo shutdown.  If I come across some large fin surplus heatsinks of the correct size, we'll see if a few more watts can be coaxed out.